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Hot Summer In The Senate

Sticking with my general rule of making the subject of the Sunday article the biggest story of the week just ended I had planned on a different article for today. It is Thursday morning as I write this but I find it difficult to believe that a story more impactful than this will emerge even though the event took place on Wednesday afternoon. I speak of the retirement of Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy.   Continue reading Hot Summer In The Senate

Divide And Exploit

When Mitch McConnell’s disregard for the Constitution reaped the dividend of having Neil Gorsuch replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court many predicted nothing would change other than Scalia was effectively given another thirty or forty years on the bench. Monday morning the Court proved that when it announced its 5-4 decision, (with Gorsuch writing the opinion for the majority), in the combined cases EPIC Systems Corp. v Lewis, Ernst & Young v Morris and NLRB v Murphy Oil. Let’s explore. Continue reading Divide And Exploit

A “Dirty Joke”?

Q: Why do farts smell? A: For the benefit of those who don’t hear them. I guess I’m stretching my self-imposed PG rating for articles with that elementary school version of a dirty joke, but it was the first thing I thought of when I read the reports that Donald Trump, Jr. had become the new champion of the movement to enact legislation making it much easier to get silencers for guns. Let’s explore. Continue reading A “Dirty Joke”?

Christmas 2016

Today is Christmas and as is the tradition at tellthetruthonthem.com it is time to extend a few Christmas wishes to progressives and those who have helped forward the progressive cause. Continue reading Christmas 2016