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Clichés, Collaboration And Strategy

What do you get when you put together a conservative Republican operative and a progressive Democratic political junkie in a sort of collaboration, seasoned with clichés? The answer is the roadmap for a big Democratic win in 2020 and this article. I’ll explain. Let’s explore. Continue reading Clichés, Collaboration And Strategy


I just added Running Against The Devil: A Plot To Save America From Trump – And Democrats From Themselves by: Rick Wilson to the Recommended Reading List.

This is long time Republican operative Wilson’s second book and they both made the list.  In it he details how Democrats beat themselves in elections and how to defeat Trump in 2020.  Wilson is profane, entertaining and funny while teaching serious political lessons.  A must reading for the political operative or candidate.

While some information will be dated after the 2020 election, much will be useful for decades to come.