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Was Roy Correct?

“I don’t want to know what the law is, I want to know who the judge is.” – The late Roy Cohn, lawyer to the late Wisconsin Republican Senator Joe McCarthy and Donald Trump. There were many candidates for biggest political story of the week just ended but today I’ll concentrate on the ones involving the courts and legal processes. As I do, please keep this quote in mind.

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What You Are Asked To Believe

Donald Trump professes his innocence, gives himself an A+ and rates himself as one of, if not, the greatest president ever. He has been impeached, is awaiting trial in the Senate and many of his people have already served their prison sentences, are awaiting sentencing, are in jail or are under indictment. Let’s explore. Continue reading What You Are Asked To Believe

Wild Bottom Of The Second

Of late I’ve compared Russiagate to a baseball game. Following along with that metaphor Thursday was the bottom of the second inning, albeit a wild half frame. Let’s explore. Continue reading Wild Bottom Of The Second