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GOP, Your Pillar Is Showing

I have long maintained that one of the three pillars holding up the modern version of the Republican party is the promotion of ignorance. There are undoubtedly more, but today I’ll juxtapose just two recent actions that prove me correct.

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Star Of The Circus

I consider any college coach who would abet by inaction the sexual molestation of his player(s) a sub-human lifeform. Having had the privilege of coaching at that level for seven seasons I find it particularly offensive! Enter Republican Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio.

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The First Of Many

The big story of the week just passed is without a doubt Thursday’s indictment of Donald Trump. That day was also opening day of the 2023 MLB season and my Tampa Bay Rays won 4-0. Strange juxtaposition? I’ll tie them together one more time in the last paragraph.

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Proof Of A Pillar

My longtime readers know my theory that the modern Republican party is held up by three pillars one of which is the promotion of ignorance. It’s basically an extension of the Mushroom Theory (which my self-imposed PG rating prohibits me from defining here).

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