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Put Bad People In Power…

Wednesday morning, I awoke to a bombardment of the same story, albeit with slightly different headlines. In what was obviously a coordinated announcement Ireland, Norway and Spain had recognized a Palestinian state. This is in addition to the UN recently taking similar action. That didn’t happen in a vacuum.

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Yes, They Are Less Than Bright

Assignment: Write Sunday’s article. Standard Operating Procedure: Make the biggest American political story of the week just ended your subject matter. This week I decided on a different approach; a more general theme. Instead of a single story I will use a link between all of them – well, some anyway, I’ll never cover them all – Republican stupidity.

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Constitution Only When Convenient

The American right wing which at this point has successfully taken over the Republican Party loves to profess their devotion to the Constitution. The reality is that they are only devoted to the Constitution as they interpret it and even then, only when it is convenient for them. Doubt me? Read on.

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Be Careful What You Ask For Right Wing

Our Supreme Court is increasingly a disgrace with each passing day. The Court is actually considering Donald Trump’s claim of absolute immunity instead of having either refusing to take the case (grant cert) or rejecting it out of hand with a reprimand to the plaintiff and his counsel. Let me engage in a little projection over the next few paragraphs.

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Progressive Sweeping LXXIII

A lot is pending and I have a lot to say, so let’s go.

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