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In Bold Red Letters

WARNING: Voting for a Republican may be hazardous to your health. That is the warning label I have called for on ballots. Today I’m calling for it to be printed in bold red letters. Let me explain why.

The debacle in Texas which when the final numbers are tallied will have killed scores if not hundreds, cost millions of dollars in damage and billions of dollars in lost commerce was caused mainly by incompetent Republican management. Originally, they tried to blame it on green energy and by some strange extension the latest right wing bogey woman, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. The latest is that it was a “black swan” weather event. Continue reading In Bold Red Letters

The Enduring “Gifts”

The Republican Party has been taken over by radicals and cowards over the past decade or so with Donald Trump as their current hero/god/leader. No better illustration can I think of than the vast majority of congressional Republicans voting not to impeach him or holding him not guilty. Trump may be gone from the White House but he still has a firm grip on what today masquerades as the GOP. For people like me they are the gift that will not stop giving material to write about. With that in mind, let’s look at a few recent news items. Continue reading The Enduring “Gifts”

Numbers And An Unknown

Today I want to go over some numbers that I feel tell quite a story. I will conclude with the X factor that the Biden administration is currently solving for.  If I take some poetic license along the way I will blame it on the fact that I was not a math major.  Continue reading Numbers And An Unknown

The Trump Infrastructure Program

The following is not a comment on a real program. It is simply me taking a lot of President Trump’s actions and motivations to creating a fantasy – one that isn’t all that farfetched.

I came up with a list of 47 people associated with Trump who are certainly candidates for federal prison. Some have already served their time or are currently serving time; several are awaiting sentencing and still more are currently under indictment. I’m certain I missed some candidates and there are still more who I am simply not aware of at this writing. The number is also much higher than 47 but to fit my scenario only American males could reasonably be counted. Continue reading The Trump Infrastructure Program

Before Coffee Break

It is still Wednesday morning as I begin to pen this article. A bit before 9am Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s appearance before the House Intelligence Committee he released the text of his opening statement and the American political world saw the first bomb of the Trump impeachment inquiry land. Let’s explore. Continue reading Before Coffee Break