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It’s The Precedent Not The President

I’m writing so far ahead of publishing that I risk being out over my skis but if things are working out the way they project as I’m penning this the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump should be starting soon. I have some guidance for the “jurors” as well as an explanation why I put that word in quotation marks. Let’s explore.   Continue reading It’s The Precedent Not The President

Representative Government

America is a representative democracy. From the days of its founding it was too expansive a country to be a democracy; you simply couldn’t get everyone (in those days white men only) together to debate and vote on every issue. Today the country is much larger and has a much, much greater population (plus we, at least theoretically, allow all adults to vote) therefore getting all of us together to vote on every issue is impossible. Our Founders came up with the idea of each area electing three representatives (one in the House, two in the Senate via the State Legislature) to represent its interests and citizens in the nation’s capital. How is that working out today (even with the gender exclusion gone and the direct election of Senators)? Let’s explore. Continue reading Representative Government

Bad Enough Soon?

An old saying, one of my wife’s theories and an attempt at political rationalization; throw in a comment on a Supreme Court action and you have today’s article. Let’s explore. Continue reading Bad Enough Soon?

2018 Progressive Of The Year

Identifying a single individual as the Progressive of the Year is a much more difficult task than it appears to be. 2018 was typical in that respect. There was a plethora of people (mostly nameless and faceless) that collectively would be deserving recipients of the honor. There were also several prominent individuals with high name recognition. In the end I chose a relatively obscure individual, (who I’m not even sure is a progressive), for a single act that upheld the Constitution and representative democracy. Tellthetruthonthem.com’s 2018 Progressive of the Year is John Turner Sargent, Jr. Continue reading 2018 Progressive Of The Year

The Republican War On Democracy

Ever since the takeover of the Republican Party by the Tea Party they have been waging a war on democracy. Never has it been more apparent than during this lame duck session. This is a dangerous but far from unprecedented time. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Republican War On Democracy