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My President Is An Inept Liar

I had an entirely different article planned for today. Then I watched a snippet of news on the television this morning which sparked me. I’m a few days ahead of my normal writing schedule in order to accommodate some medical procedures and am writing this early Friday afternoon. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is An Inept Liar

Just (Expletive Deleted) Vote

Today is Election Day 2018. It is common political rhetoric to describe every election as the most important of your life. The reality is that 2018’s will most likely be the most important election in my remaining years on this planet. The current congressional majority has refused to exercise their constitutional duty to be a check on the presidency and we, the voters, have an opportunity to correct that situation. In many states there are gubernatorial races. In most there are legislative races. These will affect the reapportionment that will come as a result of the 2020 census. Continue reading Just (Expletive Deleted) Vote