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2024 Book Of The Year

By the time you read this I will have read over 100 books in 2023. Of those only eight made it to the Recommended Reading List. (You are already here so the list is just a click away.) As I sat down to write this four were in contention for Book of the Year. Let me just conclude my introduction by stating that 2023 was a very good year for political/economic/public policy non-fiction. I also learned (or to be more accurate reinforced) a lesson along the way. More about both below.

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2022 Book Of The Year

We are getting close to the last minute holiday shopping crunch – or for you procrastinators the planning stage. Sizes and selections are starting to be a bear. For online shoppers (and there are more of us especially as our lives changed more rapidly due to the pandemic) delivery is now a consideration. Today I’ll make what has become my annual plea to give the gift of knowledge. In the process I’ll reveal tellthetruthonthem.com’s Book of the Year for 2022.

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The convergence of the pandemic and “Phase II” of my retirement has provided an increased opportunity to do more reading than I had planned on. (The main objectives of “Phase II” were to allow me to do more reading and writing. I’ve done a much better job on the additional reading.) I want to share four brief passages and an abbreviated version of their applicability to today. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Passages