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Relaying Observations

Today’s will be another of my quick hit articles. I want to comment on several recent events and tidbits I picked up in my reading. Continue reading Relaying Observations

From Comment To Shock

The genesis of today’s article is a comment from longtime friend and frequent reader Jeff McKnight. It simply read, “Just curious…who paid for McCarthy’s trip to Mar a Lago?”  As it turns out so was I and this was the stimulus I needed to do some research.  The answer is somewhat incomplete but was certainly shocking. Continue reading From Comment To Shock

An Obsession With Failure

I don’t often write about state politics. North Carolina has been my home for about a decade so I am a bit more familiar with its politics than those of many other states. Tuesday night the Republicans in North Carolina proved they are incapable of learning. Let’s explore. Continue reading An Obsession With Failure

Donald’s Swamp (2017 Holiday Version)

I’m just getting back in my version of live blogging mode having concentrated on family for the last part of December. I will admit that I didn’t follow the political news as intently as I normally do but that doesn’t mean I was totally ignorant of it. A lot happened, none of it good and I’d like to review some of it with you today. Let’s explore. Continue reading Donald’s Swamp (2017 Holiday Version)