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Lousy Legacy ’23 Part I

The Roberts Court will go down as one of, if not, the worst in American history. My fear is that they may actually facilitate the end of American history, as I could recognize it anyway. I expected to write a single article along these lines after Tuesday decision came down. Now I plan on two days and hope that will be somewhat sufficient. Continue reading Lousy Legacy ’23 Part I

A Monday Night In Durham And DC

Fair warning: If you read just a bit between the lines of the opening and closing paragraphs this article violates my PG rating pledge.

Monday evening I underwent an anally invasive medical procedure at a Durham, North Carolina hospital. Monday evening the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Using poetic license I contend that there wasn’t much difference. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Monday Night In Durham And DC

A Whole Lot Happening

During the Trump era seemingly every day brings with it a week’s worth of political news. Today I’d like to attempt to catch up on some recent events many of which did not get the coverage they deserve. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Whole Lot Happening

Obergefell Is On The Ballot

You probably expected a review of last night’s Veep debate today. Sorry that will have to wait for another day and then possibly not get an entire article dedicated to it. Here is my prediction: Mike Pence will again prove that he is one of the best straight faced liars in American political history. Continue reading Obergefell Is On The Ballot