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Progressive Sweeping LIII

It seems like I’m using this format a lot lately. It actually takes a bit more time to post than my regular format. The big reason is because so much of the political news oxygen is being sucked up by the Israel war, and to a much smaller degree by the House fiasco, that many other things are simply not being covered. This is my inadequate attempt at atonement. Continue reading Progressive Sweeping LIII

Insane, Arrogant, Insulting Or All Of The Above?

It is Sunday night as I pen this for Wednesday morning’s publishing. If all goes according to scheduling as of this writing today is the opening day of the House impeachment inquiry. With that in mind I want to look back at a few events of the recent past and what I anticipate some of the Republican distraction attempts will be in and around the hearings. Let’s explore. Continue reading Insane, Arrogant, Insulting Or All Of The Above?

’93 Portends ’18?

The biggest political story of last week is the international reaction to the disappearance and presumed murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. It appears to have been ordered by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS). First son-in-law Jared Kushner claims MBS as a good buddy. While we do not have a monarchy in America (which may come as a surprise to many of the current, and thankfully temporary, occupants of the West Wing) Kushner is often referred to as a prince by talking heads on the left. As this began to unfold what came to me was the song, Two Princes. Let’s explore. Continue reading ’93 Portends ’18?

Another Mass Shooting And Another Bad Week For Trump

It is late Friday morning as I pen this article. The news is currently dominated by the breaking story of another mass shooting at a school. As with all breaking news it is best to wait a bit before commenting on the details. However I want you to juxtapose two interesting statistics. In 2017 Americans had almost 90 million dogs in their homes and over 300 million firearms. My main thrust today is to illustrate that it has again been a very bad week for Trump and his criminal family (more commonly known as administration). They have been caught in several lies a few of which I’d like to explore in the paragraphs below.   Continue reading Another Mass Shooting And Another Bad Week For Trump


Donald Trump may well “win” his trade war with China. The reality is there will be no true winners; some parties will lose worse than others but America as a whole may be less bloodied than China. If the bluster does turn into a full blown trade war (which is difficult to tell with a coward/bully/bullshit artist like Trump) there will be significant American casualties even in “victory”. Let’s explore. Continue reading Casualties