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Why WHO?

On the surface a reasonable question to ask is why Donald Trump went after the WHO. I think I have some of the answers and he is neither smart enough nor knowledgeable enough to have thought of them alone, so somebody did it for him. Let’s explore. Continue reading Why WHO?

Trump Is Today’s GOP

Ever since I was a little boy growing up in suburban Buffalo, New York the Fourth of July, as we called it, was my favorite holiday. The boy can age into an old man and you can move him to another part of the country but in my case the favorite holiday hasn’t changed. Today I want to invite you along for a bit of fiction based on contemporary American politics.

Please note: The following is a work of political fiction. Continue reading Trump Is Today’s GOP

Making Putin Smile

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to make Russia a world power again. Aside from its nuclear arsenal it is way too small by most other measures to attain such a status anywhere in his lifetime by overtaking other countries unless those other countries are significantly weakened. Nuclear war means mutually assured destruction (MAD) or something so close to it as to be unacceptable to any rational nation state. While Putin may be evil, he is rational. Putin never seems to smile. (Laughing at people is not smiling.) Let’s juxtapose those facts. Continue reading Making Putin Smile

Some Random Thoughts On American Education

What you read influences your thoughts at least to the extent that it takes them in certain directions. Some of that will be reflected in today’s piece. Some of what I will say will border on redundant for my regular readers. In any event I’d like to briefly discuss today’s American education system and where I think it needs to go. Let’s explore. Continue reading Some Random Thoughts On American Education