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Even I Was Surprised?

I don’t know that prior to today I’ve ever written an article where the opening paragraph also served as a disclosure. I am currently the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Safe Space which is an organization dedicated to combating domestic violence and sexual assault. I have served on the Board for several years and in that time have learned a lot about just how pervasive a problem domestic violence (DV) is in our society. October was Domestic Violence Awareness month and in the course of it I was given the opportunity to read a proclamation from North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that part of its content surprised me. Let’s explore. Continue reading Even I Was Surprised?

A Food And Health Care Hypothesis

One of the great things about doing this blog is that it gives me a forum to express my thoughts and concerns. Looking at the title many of my regular readers are probably wondering why is a political guy doing a food column. I assure you what follows is steeped in political policy. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Food And Health Care Hypothesis