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Progressive Sweeping LX

There is certainly plenty of “clean up” work for me to do so I won‘t waste much space on an intro today.

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Timestamp: The early afternoon of New Year’s Day 2024.

I am returning to my version of live blogging a day earlier than I anticipated. As I do most mornings I read my posting, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Aside from an announcement of some significance my article was rather pro forma and with the exception of one article the newspapers were a disappointment. But that article motivated me to “come back” early.

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Delay And Prolong: A Basic Understanding

What’s going on? (OK, I’d probably added an unnecessary adjective that wouldn’t pass the PG test). When evaluating legal things Trump, I seem to ask myself that daily and I bet you do too. It’s actually very simple when you boil it down. I’ll try to explain today.

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Pardon Me For Emphatically Laughing At You

It started on Thursday morning; or at least that’s when I detected it. The right wing op-ed machine coalesced behind Donald Trump with the same sorry argument.

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