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Of Markets And Mayhem

It is early Tuesday morning as I pen this and the stock markets are up just a tad after a disastrous day yesterday. My assumption is that some bargain hunting is going on. As my regular readers know I regard the stock market as mainly a gambling casino for rich boys (often using other people’s money) and a poor barometer of the overall economy. It’s kind of like evaluating the economy by the size of the Powerball jackpot. With that “disclaimer” given let’s explore. Continue reading Of Markets And Mayhem

Stats Trump Hype (And Trump)

The other day I heard a talking head (I honestly can’t remember who) state that more Americans are killed by their household furniture falling on them than by terrorists. That intrigued me. In the process of trying to verify it, (I could neither verify it or not), I ran across some very interesting statistics. Let’s explore. Continue reading Stats Trump Hype (And Trump)

It Still Equals Intimidation

Discerning motivation for many of Donald Trump’s actions has been the big challenge of the 2016 cycle. I have to admit I haven’t done any better than the rest of the commenter class. Now we have a new wrinkle to ponder. Continue reading It Still Equals Intimidation