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Easy Choice; Tough Article

It was just a bit before 9 pm Monday night when the alert came across my phone’s screen. It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m still as angry. I knew I had the week’s biggest political story and nothing has changed in the interceding days.

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A No Show Payment Scam

If you were expecting a review of last night’s debate I’m sorry to disappoint but you won’t find it here; at least not today. If you want to understand the Trump administration my long held belief is that you must begin by viewing it as an organized criminal enterprise. The subject matter of today’s article is one of the best scams I have ever heard of. (But not the best; that one was told to me decades ago by a man who claims to have participated in it and is himself dead for many years now. I don’t know if it was true but I have reason to believe it and he was reputed to be connected and never denied it.) Let’s explore.   Continue reading A No Show Payment Scam

Trump Is Rigging The System

Donald Trump spent considerable time during the 2016 campaign complaining that the electoral system was rigged. At one point he said he would only accept the results if he won. In retrospect that appears to have been his Plan A which would have resulted in Trump TV. On an almost daily basis as Russiagate unfolds it becomes more apparent that to some degree he illegally manipulated it in his favor. Thus far into the 2020 cycle Trump is making the 2016 contest look as pure as freshly fallen snow. Let’s explore. Continue reading Trump Is Rigging The System

My President Is Not Very Sharp But…

From what we can tell President Trump has basically been a liar at least his entire adult life. You would think after all these decades he would be good at it. Unless you have a mental problem or are willfully ignorant you have to admit that he isn’t. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is Not Very Sharp But…

What A Disaster!

Disaster; that is the best word I can think of to describe the Trump administration to date. It appears the Orlando Sentinel agrees with me. With that in mind and using only recent examples let’s explore. Continue reading What A Disaster!