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This article was written well ahead of scheduled publishing in order to accommodate my travel plans.

I’m not inviting you to dance the night away. Wrong Van (Van Halen). Nor is it a wonderful night for a moon dance. Again, wrong Van (Van Morrison). In fact, this Van is spelled VAN. It is an acronym for a computer program – Voter Activation Network. I may not mean much, if anything, to you but it is close to a deity to a generation or more of Democratic political operatives.

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Progressive Sweeping XXVI

I’d didn’t think I could make it through the week without another catch up article and, albeit destined to still be incomplete, here it is.

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Progressive Sweeping XVIII

I have a lot accumulated in my “backlog” so let’s try and cover some of it today. Continue reading Progressive Sweeping XVIII

Progressive Sweeping X

I knew it wouldn’t take much time to get to installment X in this series and here we are. These are never as complete as I’d like them to be so let’s go.

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