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Partisanship And Popularity

President Trump’s numbers seem omnipresent. They average in the mid-thirties. To most observers and when judged by history they are low. Considering that he was a minority President to start and his abysmal job performance, I find it surprising that they are actually that high. To a Republican elected official they present a bigger challenge than appears on the surface. Let’s explore. Continue reading Partisanship And Popularity

Greatest Hits: 2016 A Turnout Election Revisited

Please note: This article was originally written and published in mid-April of 2015. There were Trump rumors (which I like most dismissed) and he would not yet declare his candidacy for two months. When I did mention a specific Republican foe it was Kentucky Senator Rand Paul although I did not consider him the favorite. The real point is that I then and still now feel 2016 will ultimately be a turnout election. Please enjoy this posting while I take a few days off to travel with my wife.

Political operatives divide elections into two types: persuasion and turnout. To be perfectly accurate many are a blend of the two. Although the 2016 election is basically 20 months away it is already obvious that it will be a turnout election. Continue reading Greatest Hits: 2016 A Turnout Election Revisited