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If I Were In Joe’s Basement (Electronically)

If you are a student of American politics you have heard of the Rose Garden Strategy. With the current coronavirus situation presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is following what I’ll call the Basement Strategy; basically he is running his campaign out of the basement of his Delaware home. If he wanted my ideas I assume we would “meet” in his basement via Facetime or Zoom. With that in mind let’s explore what my advice to him would be. Continue reading If I Were In Joe’s Basement (Electronically)

Persuasion 2018 – Part Four

At this writing it appears that Democrat Connor Lamb scored an extremely narrow victory in the special Congressional election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional district. This is a rare case in politics where winning or losing makes little difference; over performing is the story. There are lessons to be learned here so let’s explore. Continue reading Persuasion 2018 – Part Four


Barring something totally unexpected happening to her campaign or her having a catastrophic performance on October 19th Hillary Clinton will be elected President of the United States on November 8th. Last night’s debate assured that. Clinton soundly beat Donald Trump on both substance and style. Continue reading Shutout!

Greatest Hits: 2016 A Turnout Election Revisited

Please note: This article was originally written and published in mid-April of 2015. There were Trump rumors (which I like most dismissed) and he would not yet declare his candidacy for two months. When I did mention a specific Republican foe it was Kentucky Senator Rand Paul although I did not consider him the favorite. The real point is that I then and still now feel 2016 will ultimately be a turnout election. Please enjoy this posting while I take a few days off to travel with my wife.

Political operatives divide elections into two types: persuasion and turnout. To be perfectly accurate many are a blend of the two. Although the 2016 election is basically 20 months away it is already obvious that it will be a turnout election. Continue reading Greatest Hits: 2016 A Turnout Election Revisited