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Progressive Sweeping V

Today is another of those days I’d like to say a little about a lot of things. Please continue reading I guarantee some if not all of it will interest you.

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A Progressive Replacement Plan

The right wing likes to throw around a couple of terms lately to make themselves feel smart. To use President Biden’s word, in reality they are malarkey. One of them is The Replacement Theory.

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Turn Populism Into Equitable Prosperity

President Biden’s infrastructure proposal is very popular with the American people. Surveys show that when it is coupled with the plan to finance it by increasing taxes on the wealthy it is even more popular. How often do you find support for tax increases? Donald Trump won in 2016 in part by riding a populism wave. Trump turned out to be anything but a populist but he fooled enough people for at least a few months. Here is the important point: couple those two facts together and I have most of the answer to the question: How are we going to pay for new programs?

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The Trump Tax Increase

It is Election Day morning as I write this. I have no idea who won or if we even know the results as of the publishing of this article.  (I plan to write an election “recap” article for Sunday’s publication.)  For this article it doesn’t matter.  I follow three economists closely.  My regular readers know how often I cite the work of Paul Krugman.  Less frequently, and mostly for the theoretical portion of his work, I cite French economist Thomas Piketty.  The third is Joseph Stiglitz whose Sunday morning New York Times op-ed, Republicans, Not Biden, Are About To Raise Your Taxes, was a showstopper to me in that in the hubbub of Trumpism I forget about the subject matter of his article.  Let’s explore. Continue reading The Trump Tax Increase