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The Act

Most often the subject of my Sunday article is what I deem to be the most important political story of the week just ended. This week, while not discounting its importance, the subject is the most disgusting occurrence of last week. Continue reading The Act

A YOYO Program Led By A Yoyo

One of the best lines of the 2016 campaign was uttered by Hillary Clinton when she called the Republican health care plan a yoyo as in You’re On Your Own. Yoyo is an interesting word especially when you apply it to today’s America. Let’s explore. Continue reading A YOYO Program Led By A Yoyo

Oh, By The Way

Last week the failure in Hanoi and Michael Cohen’s triple play certainly kept us occupied. However, there was much, much more. In the following paragraphs I’d like to cover a few other events. Let’s explore. Continue reading Oh, By The Way