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43 Dangerous And Cowardly Suckers

I waited a bit before I finally decided to weigh in on Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial. My “review” will be incomplete but it sends a powerful message that the American voters must heed or they will be complicit in ending America as we know it. Continue reading 43 Dangerous And Cowardly Suckers

Between Two Quotes

In her book Caste, Isabel Wilkerson relays part of a conversation she had with famed fellow author Taylor Branch.  During it he ponders, “If people were given a choice between democracy and whiteness, how many would chose whiteness?”  Continue reading Between Two Quotes

An Opportunity?

The better part of two years is several lifetimes in American politics but I want to take a look at what the Senate races will look like in 2022. Let’s explore. Continue reading An Opportunity?