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What A Disaster!

Disaster; that is the best word I can think of to describe the Trump administration to date. It appears the Orlando Sentinel agrees with me. With that in mind and using only recent examples let’s explore. Continue reading What A Disaster!

Live Skunk In The Senate

Tuesday evening the Washington Post lifted the veil of secrecy surrounding identity of the woman the 11 male Republican Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee had chosen to hide behind when it published the name of Rachel Mitchell. Ms. Mitchell is the Sex Crimes Bureau Chief in the Maricopa (AZ) County Attorney’s Office. Immediately Loudon Wainwright III’s 1972 novelty song Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road played in my mind. Let’s explore. Continue reading Live Skunk In The Senate

Slam, Bam And An Insincere Thank You Ma’am

It is the evening of Sunday September 24th as I write this op-ed for publishing tomorrow morning. I came up with its title on Tuesday September 18th. In it I’m predicting what will take place in the Senate Judiciary Committee later this week. I will not be able to be completely accurate on some details because despite supposedly diligent and exhausting negotiation as of this writing they are simply unresolved and therefore unknown. All that said I am confident that the title will be the final outcome in committee. Let’s explore. Continue reading Slam, Bam And An Insincere Thank You Ma’am

The Tip Of A New Iceberg And A Look Ahead

Some time ago I predicted a major component of the Russiagate story would break on Friday August 31st. The timing just seemed right. Friday we got a surprise and I think it is just the tip of a somewhat new iceberg. On an ancillary track of the Russiagate story next week promises to be interesting. Let’s explore both.   Continue reading The Tip Of A New Iceberg And A Look Ahead

I Wish I Could Say I Was Surprised

It is late Tuesday afternoon as I write this article. Monday night and Tuesday morning each featured “bombshell” political news. Other than timing (and in the latter case circumstances) neither surprised me. Both were bad for America. Let’s explore. Continue reading I Wish I Could Say I Was Surprised