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We live in an instant gratification society. Legislation has been compared to sausage making. Most of us love a grilled brat at a tailgating event but almost none of us either want to think about what goes into it and fewer yet want to visualize the process. If you think that opening was strange it gets stranger.

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Deceptive Rhetoric

Just because something sounds good that doesn’t mean it is good. The modern-day Republican Party has some great rhetoric. On the surface it sounds fantastic and since most Americans have about a 30 second political attention span it is highly effective. The sad part is that it is increasingly proving to be malarkey when compared to their actions. I’ll go through a few examples today. The last paragraph will be a bonus in which I’ll unveil a new acronym.

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Still A BFD

The biggest political story of the week just ended occurred Thursday morning when the Supreme Court announced its decision in California v Texas and Texas v California (yes, I find that confusing too) which for the third time upheld Obamacare; this time by a surprising 7-2 vote. Continue reading Still A BFD

Go Big Or You Will Certainly Go Home

I won’t hazard a guess as to who will win the 2024 presidential election. At this point I won’t even predict who the GOP candidate will be.  Even in the case of the Democrats I only have it down to two.  Thus far this century America has swung from George W. Bush to Barack Obama to Donald Trump and then to Joe Biden.  The only thing that pattern tells me is that the electorate better perceive you as effective if you expect to keep your party/political philosophy in the Oval Office or majority. Continue reading Go Big Or You Will Certainly Go Home

Focus On The Threat

Notice: In order to accurately quote a sitting member of the United States Senate this article contains a word that violates the PG rating.

Unless he can rally a significant enough number of his supporters to play dress up with their guns and cause sufficient civil unrest America has rid itself of its Trump problem effective the afternoon of January 20th.  Now the biggest threat to American democracy, prosperity and its economy is Mitch McConnell remaining the Senate Majority Leader.  While we need to remain vigilant of Trump in his waning (and very dangerous for America) days we simultaneously need to shift our focus to the longer term problem: Mitch.  Let’s explore. Continue reading Focus On The Threat