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Is Better Good Enough?

As with any disaster, accident or tragedy (you select the verbiage) generally multiple things have to go wrong to enable them. The 2016 election of Donald Trump is no exception. Among the enabling factors was the extensive press coverage he received. Leading up to 2024 the press is doing a much better job. The question is if that job is good enough to prevent a similar tragedy in 2024. Continue reading Is Better Good Enough?

The Fight That Never Happened

The content of yesterday’s article was largely dictated by the calendar so effectively today’s is the first “free topic” article of 2023. I want to start the new year with an old story that teaches a lesson we need to help us through the plethora of disinformation we will be exposed to in 2023 and beyond.

Continue reading The Fight That Never Happened

Our Attention Is Lacking And Misdirected

It is early Monday morning as I write this article. All weekend I was waiting in vain for the outcry on what should be the major political story. It never happened. In the process I made some other observations. It is time to get this off my chest. Let’s explore. Continue reading Our Attention Is Lacking And Misdirected