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Leaks And Taps

The Trump administration – which we can’t seem to turn the page on – is increasingly looking like a bad mob movie. My constantly referring to it as an organized criminal enterprise seems more appropriate with each passing day. Continue reading Leaks And Taps

What The Hack?

When I awoke on Tuesday morning (I’m penning this a bit later in that am) one of the first things I did was check my phone and was greeted by an email saying that several major websites including the New York Times and CNN had been hacked. This is part of a major issue confronting America recently and I want to pontificate on it for a bit today.

Continue reading What The Hack?

An Old Boss And Groundhog Day

While I’ll start today’s article with an old boss story that is not the message. Most old boss stories are about a boss from hell; this one is certainly not. It goes back close to two decades. My immediate boss got transferred – he was a boss from hell that I survived – and I was the heir apparent to his slot. For whatever reason(s) the company went outside and hired Lonny. We were set up to be rivals but the story didn’t end that way at all. We actually became friends and both of us were soon the highest paid in our two titles in a company that was number one in the world in its industry. That’s a nice story but the relevant part for today is that the relationship entails a political story. Continue reading An Old Boss And Groundhog Day

Pardonpalooza, Pardongate Or Both?

Seldom do you get a developing scandal that can easily go by two names each of which is somewhat different. The Trump era is still not over and it is anything but routine.  Let’s explore. Continue reading Pardonpalooza, Pardongate Or Both?