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America A.T. – Part One

The following is the first installment in a series of undetermined duration and frequency about life in America after Trump (A.T.).

Someday, somehow Donald Trump will no longer be President of the United States of America. You have to believe that if you, like me, believes America will endure. We have survived bad presidents before, although probably not as bad as Trump. Several of them served during my lifetime. While still paying the price for their misdeeds; we have survived. Trump has exposed many weaknesses in our system which we will have to repair after his exit. When I coached basketball we often learned more from a loss than a win because a loss exposed our weaknesses. Remember America’s overarching goal is a more perfect union. Continue reading America A.T. – Part One

Lessons From A Loss

Many of the most valuable lessons I have learned in life were learned while coaching. Most of the time I learned more about my team and how to optimize their performance from a loss than from a victory. On the nights we won seemingly everything went right thereby masking the mistakes. In defeat all you seem to remember is what went wrong; your shortcomings are glaring. With that in mind let’s explore some of the lessons of the 2016 election. Continue reading Lessons From A Loss

Of Roars, Mice And Crazy Cats

Understanding what is going on today in American politics is a challenge to say the least. The inspiration for the title of today’s article comes from the 1955 British satirical novel, The Mouse That Roared, which became a subsequent play and motion picture. Let’s explore. Continue reading Of Roars, Mice And Crazy Cats