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Save Thyself

It seems like ancient history as I commence this article for Sunday’s publication on Saturday morning but, in my opinion, the biggest American political story of the week just ended occurred back on Monday. That is not to say there is any lack of rivals.

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Progressive Sweeping XXXIX

Lots to get to so let’s get going.

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Retaliatory Insanity

It appears to finally be happening. Saturday California Governor Gavin Newsome started the wheels in motion to enact a gun law modeled on Texas’ insane and clearly unconstitutional anti-choice law.

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Not Yet (But Almost Undoubtedly Later)

To paraphrase George Orwell the three branches of the federal government are equal but in reality the Supreme Court is more equal. The legislative branch can pass a bill, the President can sign it into law and the Supreme Court can then invalidate it – pretty much end of story. Continue reading Not Yet (But Almost Undoubtedly Later)