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Two Missions Accomplished And A Question Mark

Thursday night President Donald Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden and NBC’s Kristen Welker took to the stage at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee for the third scheduled debate of the 2020 presidential contest. Let’s review and explore. Continue reading Two Missions Accomplished And A Question Mark

Joe, Let Trump Be Trump

It’s about noon on Tuesday as I pen this. The reality is that as of this writing nobody really knows if Thursday night’s debate scheduled for NBC with Kristen Welker moderating will take place. In large part due to that uncertainty I publishing this a day earlier than I normally would. I have some advice for Joe Biden that I’ll share with you. Let’s explore. Continue reading Joe, Let Trump Be Trump


Thus far I’ve spent a good deal of October watching my Tampa Bay Rays in the baseball playoffs. (This article is being written prior to the start of the seventh and deciding game of the ALCS.) The thing that has impressed me the most so far is the defensive skills the catchers have displayed. Loosely staying with the catching theme for a bit, today’s article will be another of the catch up variety. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Catching

A Moment And A Photo

Today’s article will cover two events. To me they were the biggest outrages of the week just ended (and that’s a pretty high bar to clear). Let’s explore. Continue reading A Moment And A Photo