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At A Fork

It is Tuesday morning September 28, 2021 as I tap the keys of a computer’s keyboard to write this op-ed (yes, I still call them that). I see America at a crossroads with simultaneously much promise and much peril. There is no way I can cover all that in a few paragraphs – it would easily take volumes – but I’ll give it a go. Please come along for the brief ride.

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Deceptive Rhetoric

Just because something sounds good that doesn’t mean it is good. The modern-day Republican Party has some great rhetoric. On the surface it sounds fantastic and since most Americans have about a 30 second political attention span it is highly effective. The sad part is that it is increasingly proving to be malarkey when compared to their actions. I’ll go through a few examples today. The last paragraph will be a bonus in which I’ll unveil a new acronym.

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Two Brands; Both Dangerous

There are two far right political brands in America today. They are both dangerous to American democracy. Think this is all hyperbole; read on. Continue reading Two Brands; Both Dangerous

Article To File: The GOP Obit

I was never trained as a journalist. I have had columns in four different newspapers over the years but they have always been opinion columns. A common task assigned to junior scribes is the writing of obituaries for famous people well in advance of their demise. I never had to do that and today is my first attempt. The “article” is basically a fill in the blanks template so that an obit can be published soon after the final “chapter”. The template is then stored away and if necessary, periodically updated.

Today’s article is a template obituary for the Republican Party.

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An Old Boss And Groundhog Day

While I’ll start today’s article with an old boss story that is not the message. Most old boss stories are about a boss from hell; this one is certainly not. It goes back close to two decades. My immediate boss got transferred – he was a boss from hell that I survived – and I was the heir apparent to his slot. For whatever reason(s) the company went outside and hired Lonny. We were set up to be rivals but the story didn’t end that way at all. We actually became friends and both of us were soon the highest paid in our two titles in a company that was number one in the world in its industry. That’s a nice story but the relevant part for today is that the relationship entails a political story. Continue reading An Old Boss And Groundhog Day