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Dry Investment

As is my normal practice I am basing today’s Sunday article on what I felt was the big political event of the week just ended. Many will question whether today’s topic qualifies as political. Since I think policy is politics I disagree. Let’s explore. Continue reading Dry Investment

Enduring Damage And a Slogan

While America is legally and officially a secular nation (something the “patriots” that took over the Republican Party fail to comprehend) it is, by practice, largely a Christian nation. One of the basic beliefs (and great marketing tools) of Christianity is forgiveness. In that spirit America will need to ask the world for a lot of forgiveness for what we have done during the Trump administration and we saw another example of that this week. The only thing I have to offer in “exchange” is a suggested Democratic slogan for the 2020 presidential campaign; hardly a good trade. With all that in mind; let’s explore.   Continue reading Enduring Damage And a Slogan