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Yes, I Know It’s September 11th

I am very well aware of the fact that it is September 11th. I am of an age that I will always remember where I was (Tarpon Springs, Florida) and who I was with when I heard the news on that morning in 2001. Today’s article is far from a boilerplate 9/11 article but nonetheless it deals with inhumanity and what will doubtless be the loss of innocent lives. For that and a special “twist” at the end please come along. Continue reading Yes, I Know It’s September 11th

Outrage Across The Atlantic

Last week lacked a dominant political news story; what it had was several outrages that if you used them as the plotlines of a novel would be rejected because they were too unbelievable. Let’s explore. Continue reading Outrage Across The Atlantic

Mr. President/Mr. Sledge?

Too often we attribute Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party to the large number of racists in its base. That is certainly a major factor but far from the only one. Today I want to explore the exploitive (and often deep pocketed) part of the Party which Trump certainly represents. All we have to do is look at the last ten days of events in America to see illustrations of both phenomenon and their compatibility within today’s GOP. Let’s explore. Continue reading Mr. President/Mr. Sledge?

Another Installment Of The Administration We Can’t Ignore

Today’s article is another destined to be inadequate attempt to catch up on the recent sins of the Trump administration. I would really like to just ignore this organized criminal enterprise until it goes away. That is also what they, along with Vladimir Putin, would like me to do so that they could perpetrate their evil deeds in relative obscurity until it proved to be too late. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Another Installment Of The Administration We Can’t Ignore

Maternal Motivation

As we come into the closing days of the 2018 campaign the number one thing on the minds of Democratic candidates and campaign managers should be getting motivatable voters who are predisposed to vote Democratic to the polls. The best prospects are women. Let’s explore. Continue reading Maternal Motivation