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The Third Endorsement Of Sherrod Brown

This is basically the cut and paste of a cut and paste having endorsed Sherrod Brown in 2012, again in 2018 and now for a third time in 2024. He was far from a sure thing any of those times and deserved tellthetruthonthem.com’s endorsement all of them. Continue reading The Third Endorsement Of Sherrod Brown

Progressive Sweeping LXVIII

I planned on waiting a few more days before I did another clean up type article, but the plethora of material proved too tempting.

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On Mitch Monday

Today I’d like to explore what would have been the biggest story in American politics last week had it been a normal week. That begs the question: Is any week normal in American politics in 2024?
Last week Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky announced that he would not be running to retain his leadership position when the next Congress convenes. That begs the questions: Why? And what happens next?

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The Endorsement of Jon Tester

But he is not a progressive? He is far from a shoe-in in November? I anticipate both of those critiques from my readers as I write this. Here are the bottom lines: Jon is a good man (don’t discount that factor!), a reliable Democratic vote in the Senate and in the current political situation the Democrats are lucky to have a Senator from deep red Montana. In other words, although it is far from assured, Tester can defend that seat in ’24 and I don’t see another Democrat that can.

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The Next Senate – A Look (Guess) Ahead

Especially considering the developments of last week I thought it was a good time to take a look at the outlook for the 2024 Senate races.

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