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Going Down With Trump

Despite the fact that to any knowledgeable political operative he is a terrible candidate Donald Trump appears to be destined to get the 2024 GOP presidential nod; at this early point anyway and barring his demised I don’t see that changing. Continue reading Going Down With Trump

My Favorite “Job”

Beware: Of necessity this article will occasionally venture into R rated territory.          

Like most adults – for that matter anyone who is post-toddler – I have various and sometimes conflicting hats that I wear. Somewhere in college (probably Sociology 101; my oldest grandchildren’s intro level courses were much more specific and interesting than mine were) I learned the term “role conflict”. Basically it means you have multiple obligations which often will conflict. I am having one of those situations this summer. I also got to experience something because of a special part of the relationship I have with my oldest grandson. I promise this all makes sense and ties into contemporary American politics. Please come along and let’s explore. Continue reading My Favorite “Job”

One Saturday Night In Two Washingtons

Last Saturday night the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner was held in Washington, D.C. Last Saturday night President Donald Trump held a rally in Washington, Michigan. Aside from the cute play on names this juxtaposition tells us a lot. Let’s explore. Continue reading One Saturday Night In Two Washingtons

Weighing In

Warning: by the nature of the subject matter of today’s article it stretches the PG rating.

I guess it is high time that I weighed in on the hot social topic of the last few weeks: sexual misconduct. Let’s explore. Continue reading Weighing In

60 Million Reasons To Believe

Very late last week NBC reported that the sum of money Paul Manafort received from Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch with extremely close ties to Vladimir Putin, now amounted to $60 million. The Trump campaign and Donald Trump in particular, repeatedly and vehemently denied any collusion or coordination with Russia during the 2016 campaign or the subsequent transition. The evidence belies their rhetoric and we just got 60 million more pieces of incriminating evidence. Let’s explore. Continue reading 60 Million Reasons To Believe