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Legislative Court Shopping +

This item didn’t get the press I thought it deserved. It got some coverage but certainly not of the “above the fold” variety. More concerning than the subject matter itself is that I feel it is part of a larger undemocratic pattern and process. On Tuesday Federal Judge James M. Moody, Jr. struck down the Arkansas law banning transgender care (more specifics below) for people under 18.

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Here I Go Again

I could probably write a catch up article everyday and still not cover everything worth covering. Today I’m going to take another sure to be incomplete stab at it.

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From Comment To Shock

The genesis of today’s article is a comment from longtime friend and frequent reader Jeff McKnight. It simply read, “Just curious…who paid for McCarthy’s trip to Mar a Lago?”  As it turns out so was I and this was the stimulus I needed to do some research.  The answer is somewhat incomplete but was certainly shocking. Continue reading From Comment To Shock

Goodbye Kamala (For Now Anyway)

Midday Tuesday I got the news that Kamala Harris had ended her presidential bid. I was a bit shocked; with the benefit of hindsight I shouldn’t have been. The signs had been there for a few weeks. To me this was the first significant exit of the 2020 race and I’d like to take a bit of time to explore it with you. Continue reading Goodbye Kamala (For Now Anyway)