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And The Winner Is…

It’s early January but I’m already falling behind on my reading. Among the reasons is that I spent much of last week watching the events unfolding on the House floor. It may be a stretch to say there was a winner, but from a political power perspective there was one. It was not Kevin McCarthy and it certainly wasn’t the American people.

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It Ain’t Gettin’ Better

Dateline: The late morning of Wednesday January 4, 2023. Yesterday the 118th House of Representatives arguably went into session. Republican “control” is already proving chaotic!

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A Dangerous Vacancy

Today’s is one of my nerdy/what if articles. It centers around Section 2 of the 25th Amendment and the current political environment in America.

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A House In Transition

On the surface the big story of the week just ended is Nancy Pelosi’s decision to step back from House leadership. To stop there is folly. There is so much more happening in the lower chamber of Congress.

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