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What Constitution? What Oath? What America?

The purpose of this article is simply to point out the 41 members of the Senate who pose a threat to America. Don’t confuse relative brevity with being trivial! Let’s explore. Continue reading What Constitution? What Oath? What America?

The Constitution Or The Crook?

It appears that the House will vote to block President Trump’s National Emergency Declaration sometime this week. Under the existing law Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has no choice other than to put the resolution on the Senate floor for consideration within 15 days of its passage in the House and delivery to the Senate. Each Senator will have to decide whether their loyalty is to the Constitution that they swore to uphold and protect or to the head of the organized criminal enterprise in the White House. It is that simple and clear. Let’s explore.   Continue reading The Constitution Or The Crook?

Are You Winning With Trump? Vlad Is!

To me there was no lone story last week that was the biggest in American politics; there was a collecting when taken together that is of historic proportion. In the following paragraphs I will attempt to briefly cover several of them. The article will be lengthy but I’m certain still incomplete. Let’s explore. Continue reading Are You Winning With Trump? Vlad Is!

Searching For 17

By the time you get to the writing phase in political op-eds you normally have a conclusion. Today’s posting is an exception. I am literally coming up with a conclusion as I write. Here is the premise. On the assumption the Democrats take over the House in January I think the (much warranted) impeachment (think: indictment) of Donald Trump is a foregone conclusion. Conviction in the Senate requires 67 votes. I am going to assume the next Senate will be split 50-50. (That probably won’t happen exactly, but it will be very close to that.) On the assumption that the entire Democratic caucus votes to convict that means 17 Republicans will have to join them. With all those assumptions in mind let’s explore. Continue reading Searching For 17

Deplorable Congressional Action

Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” line was one of her least well received of the 2016 election. I thought it was in large part accurate. I cannot think of a more appropriate word to use when describing the actions of 107 Congressional Republicans last week. I feel so strongly about this that at the risk of having a somewhat boring and cumbersome to read article I am naming each one of them herein. As Justice Louis Brandeis famously stated, “Sunshine is said to be the best of disinfectants.” Let’s explore.   Continue reading Deplorable Congressional Action