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2020 Democrats – The Surrogates?

My original intent was to title this installment The Miscellaneous because today’s three (Julian Castro, Eric Holder and Terry McAuliffe) possible candidates defied categorization into any of the other groups. Then I discovered a common denominator: They all come from a specific power player/wing of the Democratic Party and could very well be a surrogate of a past first family. Let’s explore.   Continue reading 2020 Democrats – The Surrogates?

Two Competing Angels And A Wise Woman

The correct choice and the one you want to make are not always one in the same. This week progressives were faced with just such a decision. It took me a bit to figure out the correct option. Let’s explore. Continue reading Two Competing Angels And A Wise Woman

A Holiday Card

If you were going to cast a production of A Christmas Carol the easiest role for me to play would be that of Ebenezer Scrooge. I’m basically a bah humbug guy. I certainly don’t get all excited and emotional over Christmas and that has absolutely nothing to do with religion. I got something in the mail the other day that made me stop and think for a minute. Let me share my thoughts with you. Continue reading A Holiday Card

Miscellaneous Fears And Observations

During the course of observing life and politics many random observations and thoughts come to my mind. These days I often make note of them in my iPhone hoping to utilize them in future writing. There are many left over from the 2016 Presidential campaign and the hours just after we learned its outcome. I’d like to share a few of them with you today. Continue reading Miscellaneous Fears And Observations

Not Too Shabby

In many ways the Republican Party is splitting apart at the seams. There is one thing that unites all of its elements and Donald Trump is trying to exploit it. That thing is their hatred of Barack Obama. Much of it is based on racism. That is more than conjecture on my part. If racism and other prejudices were not major motivations of the GOP base Trump’s dog whistle (and often much more obvious) language would not have worked so well. Another is just the hatred of liberals who are more likely to help workers, raise taxes and try to protect the environment. All of those are inconsistent with insatiable greed. Continue reading Not Too Shabby