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2018 Progressive Of The Year

Identifying a single individual as the Progressive of the Year is a much more difficult task than it appears to be. 2018 was typical in that respect. There was a plethora of people (mostly nameless and faceless) that collectively would be deserving recipients of the honor. There were also several prominent individuals with high name recognition. In the end I chose a relatively obscure individual, (who I’m not even sure is a progressive), for a single act that upheld the Constitution and representative democracy. Tellthetruthonthem.com’s 2018 Progressive of the Year is John Turner Sargent, Jr. Continue reading 2018 Progressive Of The Year

The Cumulative Factor

I was in Tarpon Springs, Florida on the morning of 9/11/01 when I got the word. On afternoon of November 22, 1963 I was in Cheektowaga, New York when I got that word. Most Americans know the first reference; all of my generation or older know the second. Perhaps we have come up with some sort of twisted way of commemorating September 11th this year. Today Bob Woodward’s book Fear is being released. Let’s explore.    Continue reading The Cumulative Factor