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Primary Cover?

Very late Tuesday afternoon heading into the early evening I was at soccer practice with my oldest grandson. (Like most Americans I “wear a lot of hats” and without a doubt my favorite is grandfather.) That’s when the news started to come in of counsel withdrawing from the Roger Stone prosecution in protest. Later that evening I watched New Hampshire Primary results with my wife. I content that the timing of these events was not coincidental. Let’s explore. Continue reading Primary Cover?

4 Senators And Other Distractions

It’s Monday afternoon as I pen this. The rules under which the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump will be conducted are to be established and opening arguments are slated to begin tomorrow; (yesterday as you read this). The fact that the rules of a Senate impeachment trial are slated to be established on Day 2 of the trial is an oddity to say the least. In fact as of this writing the House Managers (think: prosecutors) are scheduled to deliver their opening remarks Tuesday sans any idea what rules (think: constraints) they will be operating under. Add to that the fact that four members of the jury are running for president and you can see that we have a lot to explore. Continue reading 4 Senators And Other Distractions

26 Hours In Motown

One week from tonight Detroit becomes the political epicenter of American politics as twenty Democratic 2020 hopefuls take the stage for two consecutive nights of debates in two heats of ten each. The draws are complete and I just wanted to share some of my “pregame” thoughts with you. Let’s explore. Continue reading 26 Hours In Motown

Two June 2019 Nights

For progressives nothing last week was a bigger story than Wednesday and Thursday night’s debates on NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo. If you want my opinions and observations please continue. Continue reading Two June 2019 Nights