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Why I Continue

This is far from a compelling opening paragraph but it is an honest one. Late last year this column became less fun to write. I had always promised myself when that happened (and coupled with a few other things happening in my life) that I would quit. In a perfect world I’d have pulled the plug with the beginning of the new year. However, that was 2024 and (I know the phrase is both well-worn and has been abused) it will be the most important election of our lives especially if we get it wrong. Therefore, and with my eyes wide open, I decided to write through the election. Read on, I get deeper into this and cite some recent examples of the effectiveness of bringing attention to issues.

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Three Comments; Three Degrees

Today I’m going to comment on three recent statements by well known American political figures. They are Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, in that order. I’m going to criticize them all but to very, very different degrees.

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2021 In Review

It’s that time of the year again. Time to review the year just about past. I’m open to and deserving of criticism and I’ll give myself a big fat “F” on what I predicted would be the fifth biggest political story of the year. In addition to that, even in the darkest recesses of my mind I could not have envisioned the unquestionably biggest political story of 2021.

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My President Is The Poster Child For Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Manchild President Donald Trump has been the prime example of waste, fraud and abuse in government since the first day of his term; starting with the $100 million dollar inauguration. Sunday he outdid himself. Let’s explore.   Continue reading My President Is The Poster Child For Waste, Fraud and Abuse