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Striking Back

“Anytime you have a group that feels as though it’s headed toward generational demise, it lashes out. It puts up a fight. It refuses to give up what’s theirs.” Those are the words of David Brooks who currently writes an opinion column for the New York Times. I must admit I have only read one of his books and usually do not read his column. Perhaps I should.

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Progressive Sweeping LVIII

I thought closing out November with a “sweeping” was as good a way as any, so here we go.

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The Truth (Accidentially) Revealed

As a matter of course today’s Republicans do not tell the truth. On purpose anyway. Recently several have accidentally done so and I’d like to explore that today. I only need two “settings”; a speech and a balloon.

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The Cagey Veteran

With pitchers and catchers scheduled to report to camp next week, like most baseball fans I’m going through withdrawal. Perhaps that will explain some of the images I’m trying to stir today. At 9:09 pm EST on Tuesday night President Joe Biden commenced his State of the Union address. It started with a few butterflies but ended up being the virtuoso performance not unlike that of an aging veteran starting pitcher throwing a gem in his last game, the seventh game of the World Series. A few hiccups aside, he ends up getting the 27th out and the crown.

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Simply Get Rid Of It

This article was written well ahead of scheduled publishing in order to accommodate my travel plans.

Here is my number one priority for the lame duck session and an instruction for President Biden. To Congress: pass legislation abolishing the debt ceiling. To President Biden: sign the bill when it hits your desk.

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