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Hopelessness And Cause For Hope

Like most recent weeks there were plenty of political fireworks in America last week. Today I’d like to focus on two events. Let’s explore. Continue reading Hopelessness And Cause For Hope

A Tidbits Thursday

Today is another of those “clean up” days that most weeks need lately. Even if you discount the shiny objects (which often require commenting in order to establish them as such and therefore largely irrelevant) there is simply too much political news to cover. I’ll try and catch up on some of what happened during the last few days. Let’s explore.   Continue reading A Tidbits Thursday

Probabilities And Possibilities

I’m back to my version of live blogging which means I’m writing an op-ed the day before publishing, (most often the morning before). Predicting what is going to happen in the Trump era is almost as impossible as accurately writing about the 23rd century. Tuesday, January 15th promises to be a big news day. I’d like to briefly comment on four topics of the day: Brexit, the Trump Shutdown 3.0, Steve King and Bill Barr. Let’s explore. Continue reading Probabilities And Possibilities

Oh Boy!

Well today’s article is somewhat of a continuation of yesterday’s article because; Oh boy did a lot happen while I was “away”. I’m certain to still be incomplete but let’s continue to explore. Continue reading Oh Boy!

An A+ President?

Today is a rare “catch up/clean up article” on a Wednesday; to compound that I am writing it on Monday morning. All this is being done because of Thanksgiving. Even with the hastened writing and posting I will not suffer from lack of material. Let’s explore.   Continue reading An A+ President?