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The Heart Of The Matter (Pun Intended And Explained)

“What you gonna do when everybody’s insane.” That is a line from Heart’s 1976 hit Crazy on You. When I heard it the other morning I thought, what a perfect explanation for the situation Nancy Pelosi is in trying to negotiate with Trump and his minions. As it so happens the song was co-written by the group’s stars, sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. Unfortunately Nancy is the blond and Ann is the one with dark hair. That was still more than a sufficient setup to satisfy me; now on to exploring the politics.       Continue reading The Heart Of The Matter (Pun Intended And Explained)

Evil Beneath The Surface

The diversions of the Trump administration are becoming more concerning every day. The title of Matt Taibbi’s book, Insane Clown President, is more profound with each turn of the calendar’s page. What is truly dangerous is the evil being perpetrated while we watch the circus or bask in the “glory” of the lack of a major legislative achievement. Let’s explore.     Continue reading Evil Beneath The Surface


I just added three books to the Recommended Reading list.  They are Hillbilly Elergy by J. D. Vance, Listen, Liberal by: Thomas Frank and Insane Clown President by Matt Taibbi.   They are part of my (yet to be completed) reading designed to help me understand why some people voted for Donald Trump last November and the way forward for the Democratic Party.

Vance admits to being a conservative but both Frank and Taibbi are certainly left of center.  This is Frank’s second book to make the list.  As is my current practice I will not review the books; there are plenty of reviews available elsewhere.  Taibbi’s book is the most entertaining, but I wasn’t reading for entertainment value.    The most significant political lessons come from reading the epilogue.  In it Matt does an outstanding job of bringing things together and offering valuable insights.

Admit It

The Breakfast Club, Porky’s, Pretty in Pink, Grease, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Graduate and many others like them. Most of my American readers, like me, have watched every one of them; maybe even more than once. All of these movies revolved around high school and deal with coming of age. By the time you have concluded reading this you will probably have admitted to one or more other things. Let’s explore. Continue reading Admit It