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More Than Political

Win or lose I am among the many who expect Donald Trump to issue several pardons as early as the day after the 2020 election. The almost sure thing is a bunch of political pardons to his boys. What if he goes much further? It could happen if he loses, later in his term if he wins. Let’s explore. Continue reading More Than Political

Other Than Impeachment And The Primary

It seems like all the political oxygen in the room these days is taken up by the impeachment and the Democratic primary. Today I’d like to touch on a few things happening to a great degree in the background. Let’s explore. Continue reading Other Than Impeachment And The Primary

Is This What They Signed Up To Defend?

Today is Veterans’ Day; a day Americans set aside to honor those who have served it in the uniform of its armed services. Instead of doing some puff piece I wanted to ponder the question I feel many veterans may be asking as they look at recent political events: Is this what I signed up to defend? Let’s explore. Continue reading Is This What They Signed Up To Defend?

Not Even Noon Yet

I woke up this Dyngus Day morning in a great mood, but with absolutely no idea what I was going to write about for Tuesday’s article. In the brief time it took me to shower, eat breakfast and peruse a few morning papers the Trump administration managed to capture my attention with two outrages. I’d like to briefly cover them and a few other tidbits from the last few days. Let’s explore. Continue reading Not Even Noon Yet

Republicans Are Dangerous To America’s Health

Over the years, particularly in the last decade, I don’t know how many times I have said or written words to the effect that Republicans are hazardous to your health; but it is many times. Far from taking it back I want to highlight a recent example and then expand on it a bit. Let’s explore. Continue reading Republicans Are Dangerous To America’s Health