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Thus far I’ve spent a good deal of October watching my Tampa Bay Rays in the baseball playoffs. (This article is being written prior to the start of the seventh and deciding game of the ALCS.) The thing that has impressed me the most so far is the defensive skills the catchers have displayed. Loosely staying with the catching theme for a bit, today’s article will be another of the catch up variety. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Catching

Oh, And The Court Opens Today

Like most thinking Americans, I spent much of the weekend trying to discern the truth from White House and Walter Reed statements. So I thought today’s article was the perfect time to go over a few random thoughts, observations and lessons. Let’s explore. Continue reading Oh, And The Court Opens Today

Yes, It’s That Bad

By the time you read this we will most likely have 80,000 American deaths attributed to the coronavirus (that number is a severe undercount). The American justice system has problems and the current regime is exacerbating them. There has long been a disparity between the prosecution and punishment for white collar and other crimes. It is now to the point that Trump connected or condoned white collar crime goes unpunished. Unemployment is officially at Great Depression levels and increasing. If that weren’t bad enough we know the reporting system is such that the numbers do not include all the unemployed many of whom have not been able to access an overwhelmed system. Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Majority Leader, called his chamber back into session last week not to address any of those problems but to push often unqualified Trump nominees through. Yes, it’s that bad and come along with me as I make another, what will prove to be incomplete, attempt to catchup.     Continue reading Yes, It’s That Bad

2019 In Review

It’s the last day of a very eventful political year which means it’s an appropriate time to review the year’s biggest political stories. There may well be some legitimate disagreement about the order but I think I nailed them in my New Year’s Day prediction so I will review them in that order. Let’s explore. Continue reading 2019 In Review

A Warning On Ballots

I have long contended that Republicans are hazardous to your and your family’s health. That is much more than hyperbole. I am deadly serious and they are just plain deadly. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Warning On Ballots