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Make It Worse

Time stamp: Wednesday morning

As of this writing both chambers of the Tennessee Republican controlled legislature have passed a bill allowing teachers to carry guns in their classrooms. The only question remaining is whether Tennessee’s Republican Governor will sign it into law. That is largely unimportant since the measure passed both chambers by veto proof majorities that would most likely override a veto anyway.

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Predicting ’24

Nothing like starting the new year on a fool’s errand – predicting the future in American politics. The first four are what I think will be the biggest American political stories of 2024 and the fifth will come as a shock to many (although it won’t even cause a ripple in American politics for the vast majority.) Continue reading Predicting ’24

Pro-baby. Oh Baby!

22 years ago today I was talking to my biggest customer in Tarpon Springs, Florida when I heard the news of the attack on the Twin Towers. Today I’m retired and living in North Carolina’s Triangle Region. In 2001 the January 6th domestic coup attempt replaced 9/11 as the worst attack on America. But today I want to spend a few minutes on what potentially could be a more threatening attack on American democracy – today’s Republican party.

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