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2020 Democrats – The Celebrities

Some time back a dear friend of mine introduced me to a group of people as an op-ed writer. I assume to be polite; one of them asked me what I wrote about. I replied that I wrote political op-eds therefore my job was to piss off between one-third and half the people every day. I was simultaneously practicing self-effacing humor and facing reality. Today I start the “meat and potatoes” of this series and I think the meter will be well over one-third. Here we go. Continue reading 2020 Democrats – The Celebrities

A Democratic Dilemma

Well I got it down to 30 names and said to myself, “Now what do I do with it.” I’m talking about the field of Democrats who may run for president in 2020 and deserve at least a mention. I needed a few articles I could write well in advance for the period of time I’m taking off but this is way more material than I needed. I quickly came to the conclusion that the only way to handle this volume was to make it a series. It gets much more complicated and challenging. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Democratic Dilemma

We Don’t Need A Democratic Trump!

At some point in time I will do a series on what I anticipate to be a rather large starting field for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination. Not too long ago I wrote a piece imploring the “older generation” of Democrats to make room for a relatively younger group. Even though that disqualifies some of my favorite progressives, I still feel that way. Today I want to again paint with a wide brush and say we don’t need a celebrity novice. Let’s explore. Continue reading We Don’t Need A Democratic Trump!