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Vote For Me

As planned, Thursday morning I voted early. About a week prior to that I printed out a sample ballot and did my research. I didn’t expect to feel comfortable voting for many, if any, Republicans but I still wanted to give everyone on the ballot a look. I was surprised at just how bad many of the GOP candidates were. It’s not a local problem.

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Execute It Or America

On multiple occasions last week President Trump refused to commit to the peaceful transition of power in the event he loses the election. This was another of the shocking but not surprising events of his presidency.

I am reminded of an old saying and a question. The adage is: Plan your work and work your plan (good advice I was given as a young man). The question is why is a dollar bill worth a dollar? With all that in mind let’s explore. Continue reading Execute It Or America

Wake Up Little Susie And You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Rock history, nostalgia, sarcasm, snark, omens, revelations, lessons, predictions and probably several other things I neglected to mention at this point all wrapped around the biggest political story of last week. I promise you a lot to ponder. Let’s explore. Continue reading Wake Up Little Susie And You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

The Early Bird Gets Their Vote Counted

A few minutes ago I placed my mail in ballot request in the mail. My state won’t start mailing out the ballots for about a month yet but being early is a key to having your vote count and staying alive. There is more; let’s explore. Continue reading The Early Bird Gets Their Vote Counted