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It’s Not Perfect But It’s Not Complicated Either

We had another mass shooting this week that amazingly made the headlines. I say amazingly because mass shootings are a more than once a day occurrence in America. While no single or combinations of solutions exist that are perfect there are several simple steps, widely supported by Americans across all demographics, that can reduce the number of shootings and their severity. Yet a powerful political minority stops them from being implemented nationally and in fact fights even their local implementation.

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The Endorsement Of Steve Bullock

The rumors looked believable for the past few days but it became official Monday morning; Montana Governor Steve Bullock is a candidate for the United States Senate seat in Montana. This is both a good thing and a big deal. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Endorsement Of Steve Bullock

Rated R – National Rifle Association

This is an article I never anticipated writing and am sorry that I feel compelled to do so. I feel it is time for Americans to restrict their financial interaction with the National Rifle Association, (NRA). Starting with the 1977 “Cincinnati Revolution” the NRA has evolved from an organization that promoted firearms related sports and firearms safety to an industry lobbyist for firearms and ammunition manufacturers. If they want to advocate for and train sportsmen then Americans should support them. If they want to be lobbyists then their clients should finance them. The interests of the two groups are not always mutual. Continue reading Rated R – National Rifle Association

This Is The 2016 Republican Party

One of the most important but overlooked things the national convention of a political party does is adopt a platform. That document tells you what a Party and its candidates stand for; what they believe in and why they are asking you to vote for them. Yesterday the Republican National Convention adopted its platform. It lays out the basic values of the Party and what every candidate stands for from Donald Trump to the candidate for the lowliest local office in the smallest municipality in America.   Continue reading This Is The 2016 Republican Party